Set Up:

A good guitar Setup can make the world of difference to your guitar not only making it easier to play but improving intonation and overall tone as well. I provide a range of Setup and repair services for Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars. Here are a few of the most popular.

Set Up includes:

  • Precise pre setup measurements are taken and logged
  • String height over the first fret: at the 12th fret and neck relief
  • Adjustments made to the saddle and truss rod
  • Nut slots are cut and shaped to correct height and width for string gauge
  • Frets are polished and burnished
  • Fingerboard given a protective coating of an appropriate oil
  • Machine heads are tightened and lubricated where necessary
  • Restrung with your choice of strings
  • Adjust intonation and set string /fretboard radius
  • Set pickup heights and string balance
  • Post setup measurements are taken and logged
  • Check and clean electronics
  • Tune to desired pitch
  • Stretch and ‘play in’ strings to aid tuning stability

Fret Dress:

There are two main occasions where a fret dress is required.  Frets wear down over time due to the constant abrasion of the strings – I can usually tell your favourite playing positions judging by the wear on the frets – this is generally manifested by ‘pitting’ especially between 1st and 5th frets and also ‘flat frets’ generally due to string bending on the higher frets.

The other occasion is on brand new guitars. (yes that’s right) High and low frets are not uncommon on new guitars – this will cause buzzing, especially if you want a reasonably low action which will accentuate the problem.

A little buzzing is normal on any guitar – metal strings vibrating against metal frets are going to buzz a little but a proper fret dress followed by a good set up will minimise this. Properly profiled and polished frets will allow for a cleaner tone, better sustain and smoother string bends.

I do all fret dresses on a 'fret jig' which allows for the guitar to be set under simulated string tension – as all necks will respond differently to the hi tension strings exert this insures the best possible results every time. The frets are levelled with a hardened steel levelling block approximately the length of the fingerboard so that the frets will be milled perfectly level. Short levelling stones can miss humps and dips in the board. The frets are then painstakingly re shaped and polished by hand.

Fret Dress includes:

  • Measure and log existing action and neck relief
  • Check for loose/uneven Frets and fix as necessary
  • Set up on neck jig
  • Mill frets level with steel fret leveler
  • Re shape fret crown
  • 4 stage polishing process to remove any file or abrasion marks
  • Bring to high polish and a final buff with fine burnishing compound
  • Full set up

 The following prices are a guide only - each instrument will be evaluated according to individual requirements and a written 'no obligation' estimate given before any work comences

Set ups  

Acoustic guitars from


Electric guitars from


with locking trems from


Fret dress from (includes set-up)







Classical  from


Locking trem





Unbound fingerboard from


Bound fingerboard from


Bound fingerboard w/enclosed fret ends from


Lacquered fingerboard from 


 Fitting Parts        
Strap button £10.00 Undersaddle pick up from £65.00
 Volume and tone pots from £30.00 Make and fit nut (bone) from £45.00
 Switch LP type from £25.00  Make and fit saddle (bone) from £30.00
 Switch SC&TC type from £30.00  Replace Machine Heads from £30.00