Our workshop is fully equipped with the latest specialist high tech as well as traditional tools and also a massive stock of pads, spares and accessories to cover most repairs to Saxophones, clarinets, flutes, oboes and bassoons. I have been repairing woodwinds now for over 25 years and all instruments are fully play tested on completion.

The following gives some guidance on the type of regular work required to keep your instrument playing as it should. This regular work will increase the lifespan of consumables like pads, felts and corks but will also increase the longevity of your instrument. Regular servicing will save money in the long run and also help avoid those last minute pre concert or pre exam panics when your instrument 'suddenly' lets you down.


Set up – Level 1: Recommended every 12 – 18  months

Only for instruments that have been regularly serviced and are in reasonable condition

    • Full visual inspection
    • Check all pads and corks for wear and tear
    • Magnehelic pressure test to reveal any leakage
    • Check pads are seating properly and re-seat as required
    • Regulate and adjust key mechanisms
    • Moving parts are lubricated with the appropriate key oil
  • Wooden instruments are checked for cracks and the bore is treated with organic bore oil
  • The instrument is then fully re-checked, Mag machine leak tested and fully play tested

Set up – Level 2:

  • For older instruments not regularly serviced. Some keywork may need to be removed and some pads replaced.

Service: Recommended every 3-4years

As level 1 but instruments are completely stripped down and a thorough inspection of all parts made 

  • Plastic instruments are washed
  • Wooden instruments are cleaned and treated with organic bore oil
  • Pillars and keywork are cleaned and polished as required
  • All keywork checked for play and precision fitted as required
  • Springs are checked and replaced as required
  • Toneholes are checked and repaired, re-faced and levelled as required
  • Toneholes can be treated with lacquer to help prevent future chipping (OPTIONAL for Clarinet)
  • Rod screws and all hinges are degreased, polished for a smooth action and lubricated on re-assembly.
  • On re-assembly the key mechanisms are fully regulated
  • The instrument is then fully re-checked, Mag machine leak tested and fully play tested


  • Service option with replacement of all pads


  • Re-pad including replacement of all corks and any springs necessary


Here are a few of our customer testamonials:

Brilliant service, very polite at the front desk, excellent service on my clarinet, and received it a lot earlier than estimated. Many many thanks!


Did a complete overhaul of my husbands sax and he said it plays like new. He now feels like playing again thanks Leonard.


Just picked my sax up which has been serviced and fixed by Leonard. Playing beautifully! Better than new! Thanks so much!!

The following table gives a general guide for the most common repair prices though every repair has to be evaluated individually - a free no obligation estimate along with a full run down of all work required is sent to you before any work starts- 

Instrument    Set-up Level 1     Set-up Level 2         Service            Re-Pad     
Clarinet  £65.00 £90.00  £135.00  £200.00 
Flute  £75.00 £112.50  £149.00  £225.00 
Oboe  £90.00 £135.00  £180.00  £270.00 
Saxophone  £90.00 £112.50  £225.00  £400.00 
Bassoon  £90.00  £135.00  £249.00  £400.00 

Parts and extras on servicing

Clarinet Pad On Service


Oboe Pad On Service


Bassoon Pad On Service


Flute Pad On Service


Saxophone Pad On Service


Clarinet/Oboe Tenon Cork


Bassoon Tenon Cork


Saxophone Crook Cork


Expand or reduce metal Tenon


Expand Sax/Bass Clarinet Neck Tenon


Bumper/Regulation Corks (With Teflon +£1)


Polish Keywork (Plate etc)


Wooden Body Full Clean & Treatment


Flute Replace Head Cork


Wooden Clarinet Crack Filling

From £20.00

Minimum Workshop charge £25.00

Hourly rate £50.00